"…The hell IS that?"
"A moon. Or what's left of one.
—Isaac and Norton[1]
The Moon
  • It possesses multiple tentacles
  • Titanic moon/worm-like hybrid appearance
  • Spits out Slashers and Twitchers
  • Uses tentacles to pull its victims into its mouth to eat them

The Blood Moon orbiting Tau Volantis was a massive Necromorph and one of the Brethren Moons that are the origin of the Marker signals. It was the result of an incomplete Convergence Event: The last stage of Necromorph evolution.

The Moon served as the final boss of Dead Space 3.


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The Tau Volantis Moon as it was incomplete was missing a huge portion of it's front, organic part of it's shell. The surface looked like something got ripped away from it due to the Convergence Event stopping halfway through.

While in hibernation, the Moon had it's head and the enormous tentacles retreated inside the visible shell, similarly to a turtle or shelled snail. However, it was fully conscious and able to broadcast it's "cries" of help through the Markers.


Formation and DormancyEdit

At an unspecified point in the past, the alien civilization native to Tau Volantis discovered a Black Marker. Influenced by the Marker's signal, the aliens studied the Marker and created numerous copies, perhaps out of religious reverence or in order to harness the near-limitless energy offered by the devices. The Markers eventually spawned a Necromorph outbreak and as the infestation overran the planet, the Black Marker initiated a Convergence Event.

Millions of Necromorphs and corpses are flung into orbit by the Marker where they assembled into a mass resembling a planetoid: A newborn Brethren Moon. The surviving aliens that spent their final months and years preparing for such an event activated a massive terraforming machine and flash froze both the Moon and the planet. The Machine was designed to pull the Moon into the planet and crush it, but for unknown reasons, the Machine malfunctioned. The half formed Moon remained in orbit, unable to move, but still able to project it's telepathic signal to any Markers in range.

Revival and subsequent defeatEdit

Tau volantis moon crashed

The Moon crashed on the planet (as seen in the Awakened DLC trailer in reverse colors).

Two million years later, after Jacob Danik deactivated the Alien Machine on Tau Volantis, the Moon was able to re-initiate the Convergence Event that it began long ago. When Isaac Clarke and John Carver completed and reactivated the Machine, the Moon was pulled straight down onto the surface of Tau Volantis and killed. Before leaving the planet for Earth, Ellie Langford confirmed that the Moon's Marker signal ceased.

However, this was not the end of the Necromorph threat. Before it died, the Moon was able to reach out to it's dormant brethren throughout the galaxy, awakening them from hibernation. The other Moons began broadcasting the signal anew, allowing the Necromorph infestations on Tau Volantis and elsewhere to resume.

Combat StrategyEdit

The Moon was fought as the final boss of Dead Space 3. Before the actual fight began, Isaac must fly toward the Moon's mouth while dodging falling debris and one of the creature's massive tentacles. When he reached inside the mouth, Isaac crash landed on a large circular platform that was sucked in along with the Alien Machine. When he regained his posture, Isaac came face-to-face with the Moon's massive worm-like inner mouth, initiating the boss fight.

The Moon was impervious to all of the weapons that Isaac possessed. The only way to defeat it was by destroying the three eyes located on the body of the inner mouth. In order to achieve this, Isaac must stand on the glowing circle located on the middle of the platform to enhance his Kinesis Module. He must use the enhanced Kinesis to grab one of the Markers floating outside of the platform to launch it directly into the eye to destroy it while avoiding attacks that the Moon threw out.

During the battle, the Moon attacked by shooting out large rock-like projectiles from it's body. Each of the projectiles would land on the edges of the platform that Isaac stood on, inflicting damage on Isaac if he stood on one of the landing spots. After a few seconds, the projectile would burst open, releasing either a Slasher or Twitcher to attack Isaac.

The Moon's second and most dangerous attack was to use two massive tentacles to pull the platform that Isaac stood on right into it's inner mouth which resulted in an instant death if Isaac failed to destroy the two tentacles in time.

Death ScenesEdit

  • If Isaac/Carver was unable to destroy it's yellow weak spots when it tried to suck them in, it would successfully suck them into it's maw and eat them.
  • If Isaac/Carver wandered off the platform where the fight was taking place, they would be sucked up by the Convergence vortex.




  • Isaac and Carver attacked the Moon by spearing it's eyes with nearby Markers launched by the enhanced Kinesis module which was a possible reference to the Dead Space: Aftermath box art.
  • Unlike it's brothers in the expansion, this Moon never communicated with Isaac or Carver.
  • The famous quote "Make us Whole" was actually the cries of the Moon in an attempt for Convergence to be finished so it could be completed while the newly introduced "Turn it off" was the Moon's attempts to trick Mankind into turning off the Machine that prevented it from becoming whole.
    • It was rather impractical that the Necromorphs which are controlled by the Moon continued to attack humans on Tau Volantis as killing them would stop them from turning off the Machine which was the reason why the Moon lured them there in the first place.
    • However, the Moon may sense that Isaac Clarke and John Carver are an incredible threat to it since they have not only survived previous outbreaks, but destroyed Markers. It's attempts to kill them off could be an act of self-preservation.
    • Another possible explanation was that, unlike it's completed brothers, the incomplete Moon was not yet beyond it's feral Necromorph behavior. It could simply be trying to eradicate all life on the planet, completing it's original purpose.
  • "Ice held us" could be heard among the plethora of dementia induced whispers heard in the original Dead Space which may be in reference to the Tau Volantis Moon.


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