Tau Volantis?Edit

So is the planet already overrun by the necromorphs, before the arrival of Isac and co? Or is the planet going to gradually destroyed by the necromorph plague?

The Planet was infested with necromorphs from an ancient period of time, long before humanity found it. Earthgov's meddling resulted in another outbreak that was eventually contained by what ammounted to mass suicide of every single soldier and scientist, and a complete ban of travel to the system. Neogunner (talk) 16:59, February 14, 2013 (UTC)


Where is the information for Tau Volantis? I have only heard about this in very sketchy early leaks, and if that is so, we shouldn't be posting that kind of information here. User:RevanSentinel

The planet is referenced in the official website but up until now, it is not clear if it's the same planet mentioned in the animated graphic novel short. We'll have to see. --Noemon *talk* 23:54, June 5, 2012 (UTC)

Just comment on the etymology: Constelations are named in Latin and it's stars are "numbered" in greek letters, so in the same fashion as you have Alpha Centauri, you could have the 19th star on the fictional Volantis constelation. The planet would then labeled with a latin letter, so the corect designation would be Tau Volantis A (1st planet orbiting the 19th star of Volantis). Volantis indeed means flying which is an odd name for a constelation as they are named after physical objects, not actions. It might have simply been chosen because it sounded good

Oxygen Edit

I don't know if anyone still updates these pages, but for the article question of breathable oxygen-it is a watery-then-frozen world, 

and on earth algae are a large source of oxygen.

Not to mention maybe the aliens produced oxygen themselves (through some kind of photosynthesis or biochemical reaction).

Both not sourceable explanations on their own, but more likely than a terraform done by a last-straw expedition that didn't even have bread&butter

for their expeditees. 00:19, September 30, 2015 (UTC)

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