Damage calculation? Edit

How does the damage work with the Alt-Fire mode, is it additive or a percentage multiplier? I'm interested in how this weapon compares to the Javelin Gun, how many shots does it normally take to kill advance slashers or advanced pukers playing through Hard mode?

First play, I relied on the Javelin Gun and managed to kill advanced Necromorphs with two primary shots to the body. In the Severed expansion, I tried the upgraded Seeker Rifle and killed them with two to three primary shots of the body, is this normal?

Both weapons seem to be in competition for most cost effective damage solution. Though the Javelin's explosive Alt-Fire mode does kill Brute's in two explosions (four javelins total), and can instantly dismember the Ubermorph.

I decided to replay this favorite of mine recently and this question was bugging me so I did some testing. I updated the page with Combat Tip with my findings. I tested various setups of the Seeker Rifle with varying levels of Damage vs Alt Fire upgrades with body shots on various necromorphs.
The result was that upgrading Damage had no effect on the Alt Fire (zoomed) mode (same shots required to kill regardless of Damage upgrades). In fact, with sufficient upgrades, it was taking less normal shots to kill things than zoomed shots. For example, a Lurker died in 2 body shots with both normal and zoomed modes with no upgrades. However, upgrading Damage fully (but not Alt Fire) resulted in Lurkers dying in 1 body shot with normal mode, but still 2 shots with zoomed mode.
Only upgrading Alt Fire had any effect on zoomed damage. As such, I think it is safe to say that the values presented in the UI are in fact the final damage value in each respective mode. So normal shots go from 50 to 70 (+5 per Damage upgrade) and zoomed shots go from 50 to 100 (+12.5 per Alt Fire upgrade).

Ammunition Edit

Uhm, how much ammo does the Seeker Rifle start with and what's the max? ._. This information would be really helpful to the wiki. Why don't we have it by now? Why does it just say: Seeker Shells? Also, we need to add the cost of the Seeker Rifle and how much damage it does (in the beginning and after fully upgraded.) Seriously, why don't we have it? Does no one care about this weapon, or was it removed? Squattop 01:59, May 21, 2012 (UTC)

Five at start and eight at max if I'm not mistaken. And you're right, it should be added to the article but seems like no one is up to the task. I'll try update everything this coming summer (in fact, it would be a massive cleanup hopefully). — subtank (7alk) 09:40, May 21, 2012 (UTC)

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