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Supply Depot 212 is a location on Tau Volantis in Dead Space 3, as well as the location for the Supply Depot optional mission. 


Events of Dead Space 3 Edit

The Supply Depot is first found in Chapter 8, but the entrance is locked. In Chapter 9 when Isaac Clarke tries to repair or replace his damaged suit after he crash lands on Tau Volantis, he eventually finds a key to the Depot. Picking up the key activates a pre-recorded message of a S.C.A.F. soldier ordering a Sergeant Conchran to use the key and find a missing Sergeant Lumley and secure the food, supplies and ammunition stored there. The player has the choice to explore the depot in order to find the supplies stored there by the S.C.A.F. 

Upon first entering the Supply Depot, Isaac will find an audio log of two soldiers, Conchran and an unnamed soldier trying to find Lumley and the supplies. Further investigation of the depot and Isaac will find a room with people bound to metal structures. Another log indicates that the unnamed soldier was starting to become terrified at the planet and wanted to leave the depot, but Conchran wanted to keep searching for Lumley. Upon exiting the room a quarantine lockdown activates and Isaac has to kill all of the Necromorphs to proceed.

Further exploration shows that the people who were in the depot were afflicted by dementia from the Marker Signal, with graffiti saying "Turn it off" and "Make us whole". Another log deeper in the depot stated that the soldiers were still searching for Lumley, and Conchran was acting strange. One last log reveals that the the soldiers found the food but they were all spoiled, but Conchran didn't seem to mind, saying that there was food in the form of "Toes, and fingers, and noses", revealing that Conchran has either turned to cannibalism, or is a Feeder. Text logs reveal that Lumley was affected by dementia and spolied the food on purpose to make room for the "Tasty ones".

In the deepest part of the depot Isaac will find a lift but when he lowers it a quarantine lockdown activates. After the lockdown the lift will completely lower revealing a storage container filled with supplies. After looting the stash Isaac leaves to find Ellie and the other survivors.

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