All suitsEdit

All suits (DLC)Edit

List of Suits (ALL)Edit

◾Advanced Engineer RIG ◾Advanced Hazard Engineer RIG: Elite Class ◾Advanced Hazard Engineer RIG: Obsidian Class ◾Advanced Soldier RIG ◾Advanced Suit ◾Advanced Unitologist RIG ◾Agility Advanced Suit ◾Archaeologist Suit ◾Arctic Security Suit ◾Arctic Survival Suit

B ◾Bloody Vintage Suit

C ◾CEC Engineering Suit

D ◾Deep Dig Suit

E ◾EarthGov Security Suit ◾Elite Advanced Suit ◾Elite Engineering Suit ◾Elite Security Suit ◾Elite Suit

E ◾Elite Vintage Suit ◾EVA Suit

F ◾First Contact Suit ◾Flight Suit ◾Forged Engineering Suit

H ◾Hacker Suit ◾Hazard Engineering Suit ◾Heavy-Duty Vintage Suit ◾Hostile Environment Suit

I ◾Intermediate Engineer RIG ◾Intermediate Miner RIG

L ◾Legionary Suit

M ◾Marauder Suit

N ◾N7 Suit

P ◾Patient Suit ◾Patrol Suit ◾Prima Security Suit

R ◾Riot Security Suit

S ◾Scorpion Level Engineering RIG ◾Security Suit ◾Sharpshooter Suit ◾Shockpoint Advanced Suit ◾Soldier Suit ◾Special Forces Suit ◾Standard Astronaut RIG ◾Standard Engineer RIG ◾Standard Miner RIG

T ◾Triage Security Suit ◾Tundra Recon Suit

V ◾Vintage Suit ◾Visceral Games Multiplayer Suit

W ◾War Torn Multiplayer Suit ◾Witness Suit

Z ◾Zealot Suit

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