Standard Miner RIG
DS1 - Standard Miner RIG
Production History

Protection Rating

5% Damage Resistance


  • Features 13 inventory slots
  • Features 4 Health Points (HP)




The Standard Miner RIG is the upgraded version of the Standard Engineer RIG and is available for use for the miners during mining operations.[1] The suit has several armor plates attached around the wearer's body, providing some protection when traveling in hazardous areas and to sustain mild injuries. It also has an updated support for holographic display for the wearer.


  • The suit is available in the Store without any required schematics and costs 10,000 Credits.
  • The Standard Miner RIG is seen in Dead Space: Downfall. In the beginning the Mining crew that discovers the Red Marker are wearing this type of RIG.
  • The Standard Miner RIG's helmet's face plate can be slid back to show the wearer's face, as seen in Dead Space: Downfall.
  • The two eye slits indicate it is a Level 2 RIG.



  1. Dead Space: Downfall

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