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The Sovereign Colonies are a secessionist branch of government and military, directly opposed to the Earth Government during the 24th Century. The Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces was the military of the Sovereign Colonies.


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The history of the Sovereign Colonies was largely unknown. The thematic stylings of the S.C.A.F. and backgrounds of Lieutenant Tucker Edwards and Private Tim Caufman suggested that the Sovereign Colonies may have been the spacefaring successor of the people of Earth's United States Sector whose territory and international governance held dominion over Earth through the early 21st century. The Colonies may have initially been an extension of the first proto-Earth Government or international collaboration into colonizing space. Later, possibly due to the Resource Wars, declaring total sovereignty and some sort of bid for territory on Earth. This may be evidenced from the fact that the EarthGov military was at the time of the war on Earth referred to as a separatist movement by the S.C.A.F. and the Sovereign Colonies referred to as secessionists by EarthGov. The progenitors of EarthGov, likely other world powers who unified in the wake of the Global Warming Epidemic and in rejecting Colonial dominion over Earth in favor of universal government. Many S.C.A.F. personnel having family on Earth, it could be assumed that the Sovereign Colonies possibly owned or claimed land in continental Northern America or beyond, likely taken in the Secession War by EarthGov along with the solar and extra-solar colonies that are the eponymous namesake of the Sovereign Colonies. Their final stand and hope for success in the war was lost with the catastrophic failure of the Tau Volantis expedition. This was pure speculation, but may help explain it's history, possibly kept purposely hidden by EarthGov. It was known, however, that the Colonial government was ruled by the Sovereign Colonies Council which governed and convened on crucial issues in relation to it's administration. During the conflict known as the Secession War[note 1][1], the Sovereign Colonies Council played a large part in the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces and Science Division's expedition to Tau Volantis out in deep space in search for resources related to the Markers in relation to it's contingency plans.

Conflict with Earth GovernmentEdit

Secession WarEdit

Some time during the 24th century, the Sovereign Colonies became embroiled in a major conflict known as the Secession War that pitted them against the Earth Government. As the war raged on, their support among the public began to wane[2]. Compounded with dwindling resources, a loss was looming on the horizon for the Sovereign Colonies.  At this point, the Colonies’ Council authorized the expedition to Tau Volantis[3].

Despite their efforts to find energy alternatives to power their cause, the Sovereign Colonies eventually lost the war to the Earth Government. The combined loss of forces on and above Tau Volantis resulted in a complete abandonment of their military and fleet. Any remaining ships in Earth Space ended up being scuttled[2].


Marker OperationsEdit

According to Damara Carver, the Sovereign Colonies experimentation with the Black Marker predated all of the major projects involving the Earth Government presumably by two centuries[4]. Red Markers, man made copies of the Black Marker are stationed on planets such Kreemar, Aspera and Aegis VII.

In 2311, studies of three Red Markers at Ptolemy Station led to the discovery of a “Master Signal” that originated not from the Markers themselves, but from a planet in deep space, later known as Tau Volantis[5][6]. Accompanied by the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces, Earl Serrano and the Science Division spearheaded the expedition to the planet in the hopes of recovering alternative resources for the war and the general populace itself.

During the expedition, the excavation of alien artifacts and the Markers that resided beneath the planet’s surface began to affect the crews tasked with studying them.[7]. Eventually, the growing dementia[8][9][10][11] and deaths caused by the strange life form never before encountered on the planet overwhelmed the expedition[12].

In 2314 Scenario Five, a first contact situation authorized by the Sovereign Colonies Council was carried out. All of the personnel are killed to prevent the spread of the life form to Earth and any information that could be found on the Science Division’s experimentation with the Markers and the expedition’s research was destroyed. The combined loss of the expedition and the war saw the final end of the Sovereign Colonies once and for all[13][14][12].

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Spacefaring VesselsEdit

The Sovereign Colonies possessed their own fleet with at least six named starships dispatched to Tau Volantis following the Colonies defeat during the Secession War. The rest of the fleet was scuttled. The Sovereign Colonies flotilla, like the ill-fated planetside expedition colony ended up suffering from a Necromorph infestation and was eventually left in ruins for nearly 200 years until Isaac Clarke and his team arrived in search of Ellie Langford and her team.

These ships are the only known named ones so far:

  • CMS Roanoke - Codename: Overlord.
    • Planetary command platform, Flagship - abandoned.
  • CMS Terra Nova - Codename: The Luv Boat.
    • Mass driver vessel, Warship - status unknown.
  • CMS Greely - Codename: The Think Tank.
    • Experimantal auxiliary research ship - abandoned.
  • CMS Brusilov - Codename: The Surgeon or The Comeback Kid.
    • Modified light frigate, Orbital minelayer - abandoned.
  • CMS Shackleton - Codename unknown.
    • Role unknown - Destroyed.
  • CMS Franklin - Codename unknown.
    • Transport shuttle - Destroyed due to high winds on Tau Volantis on Oct 13, 2311.
  • CMS Crozier - Codename unknown.
    • Transport shuttle - Destroyed during re-entry to Tau Volantis in 2514.
  • The Mule
    • Transport aircraft - Destroyed after crashing onto a cliff and collapsing down due to a storm and the being overrun by Necromorphs while trying to deliver the Codex to Dr. Serrano on June 18, 2314.



  1. Isaac: I've seen a lot of ships but never anything like these.
    Norton: That's because the Sovereign Colonies were sore losers. When they lost the Secession War to EarthGov, they scuttled their entire fleet. I'm surprised any survived.
    Rosen: What were they doing this far from home anyway?
    Isaac: If this is where Ellie went, you can bet it had something to do with the Markers. ---Chapter 3: The Roanoke


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