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Soldier Suit
Soldier RIG
Production History

Protection Rating

25% Damage Resistance


  • 25 Inventory slots
  • +10% Seeker Rifle DMG


Earth Government


The Soldier Suit is a suit unlocked by completing Hard Core Mode. Presumably, it is the standard wear and gear of EDF Soldiers.


The Soldier Suit has a total of 25 inventory slots and 25% damage resistance. When equipped, the suit provides a 10% damage bonus for the Seeker Rifle.


The suit is composed of several armor plates (cuirass, greaves, poleyns, vambraces, brassards), a fully head-encapsulating combat helmet, a thick, hermetically sealed, protective bodysuit, and a military-grade duty belt bearing miscellaneous equipment; as well, pouches and other load-bearing features are included. The helmet and armor are covered in a digital camouflage pattern, composed of black and dark grey pixels imposed on a light grey background, while the bodysuit is predominantly black with a protective olive green under-vest and padding.

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