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Sovereign Colonies

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Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces


The SK-1P were a series of small two-man transport crafts that formed a main component of the Wright Andrews Orbital Ferry System, a transport network developed for moving personnel between starships stationed in orbit over a planet as well as a underground tunnel specifically made for the crafts to travel in on Tau Volantis. SK-1Ps were used by the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces during their investigation of Tau Volantis in 2311.


The Armed Forces flotilla orbiting Tau Volantis used these crafts to transport maintenance crews and perssonel between the ships and the facilities on the planet-side colony. After the Necromorph outbreak doomed the flotilla and its planet-side research outposts in 2314, a SK-1P was left docked near the CMS Roanoke as well as two underground below the planet's surface.

In 2514, Isaac Clarke and John Carver use a SK-1P, nicknamed the "Skip", to travel between the derelict ships of the flotilla, carrying out tasks in order to get the CMS Crozier space-worthy to travel to Tau Volantis themselves[1] as well as two other vessels of the same series to travel between the different locations underneath the planet.

The railway under the planet crossed the entire colony, from the Supply Depot all the way to the Waste Disposal site located underneath the Alien City.





  • A Skip flying through space will NOT attract the space mines laid by the battleship.
  • Strangely, the SK-1Ps seem to avoid all contact with the massive amount of space debris in orbit around the icy planet, it could be that there are motion sensors on-board these transport vessels to avoid contact with any object in their path.



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