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DS3 Rosetta Profile

"Rosetta" reassembled.

Rosetta was the name given to the alien remains found on Tau Volantis by the Sovereign Colonies after the research facility where it was being studied. Dr. Earl Serrano described the creature as almost being fish like in appearance and anatomy.

History Edit


Rosetta was the remains of a alien entity that was found encased within the ice of Tau Volantis, found during a digging expedition into the planet. The remains were taken to a facility where they could be thoroughly studied by Dr. Serrano and his companions, the Alien Machine would only function with the aliens DNA hence why Rosetta, frozen solid and preserved was so vital to the project in creating a Codex.

When the Necromorph outbreak began to spread across the facility and General Mahad had ordered the destruction of all scientific research and data, Dr. Barton on the CMS Greely sent out a hidden message to Dr. Serrano and all of his companions via radio wave, stating, "PAPA SIERRA. PAPA SIERRA." This code, though difficult to decipher, meant, "HIDE ROSETTA. HIDE ROSETTA.", and was an order to any still living scientist on base who had yet to be executed by the cleanse order to take whatever steps necessary to hide Rosetta and her research.  A few scientists were able to successfully carry out the mission before they were either slaughtered by the necromorphs or executed by Mahad's soldiers.

Dead Space 3 Edit

Isaac Clarke first hears about "Rosetta" via Jennifer Santos intercepting a radio transmission being sent from the CMS Greely to the planet surface. The message was revealed to be a secret order to protect Rosetta from the colony wide cleanse order.

Later on, Isaac must search the remains of the Research Facility with his remaining crew members Ellie Langford and John Carver to locate frozen fragments of Rosetta's body, which had been stored in different sections of the compound. Once all were found and sent back to Ellie and Carver, they used a machine capable of probing the dormant mind of the alien to discover what happened to its race and find out the secret of the Markers.

Rosetta's body was presumably destroyed when Isaac activates the sterilization sequence so he, Ellie and Carver can escape Jacob Arthur Danik and his men after they raided the facility.

Spoilers end here.

Trivia Edit

  • Rosetta, as viewed slab-by-slab, has no visible organs whatsoever, only a thick and solid cross-section.
  • The main menu is animated in the form of Rosetta's remains; each slab represents a different screen.
  • Rosetta is most likely named after the Rosetta Stone. A stone that provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  • Rosetta Stone is also sometimes used to represent a key in the process of decryption of encoded information

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