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Rin was supposedly a surveyor serving on the USG O'Bannon. In actuality, she was sent to Aegis VII to look for pieces of the Red Marker.


Rin was a part of the survey team that landed on Aegis VII to look for fragments of the Marker. She is the first to find Nickolas Kuttner after he had found a shard of the Marker. She had attempted to calm Kuttner down before his psychotic breakdown which lead to the death of Noah Pawling.

She had died shortly after saving Nolan Stross from falling into lava, which she herself fell into when the ground she stood on broke apart.


  • Rin is voiced and to a limited extent modeled after the voice actress, Kari Wahlgren.
  • During the debriefing in Kuttner's flashback, it was her who mentioned Isaac Clarke.
  • Because Rin saved Nolan Stross, she inadvertently contributed to the destruction of the O'Bannon, the massacre of its crew and the death of Nolan's family when the red fragment caused Nolan to hallucinate and see his family as Necromorphs. Rin's sacrifice to save Nolan was ultimately in vain as in Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke was forced to kill Stross in self-defense.

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