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Research compound entreance markers

The side-entrance of the Research Compound.

The Research Compound was a base of operations of the S.C.A.F Science Division. The compound was built on top of the mountain that hid the Alien Machine within it. Outside the base, countless of alien-made Red Markers can be found all over the surface, trapped inside the walls, the ground and even inside the elevator shaft between the research base and the Machine.

A lift system was built across the mountain side all the way down to the base surrounding the mountain as well as an underground tram system to allow easy travel between the S.C.A.F colony.

Every high-ranking superior officer carried a key to access the entire facility, that Isaac later acquires to himself.

Another elevator and a ventilation system was also built inside the mountain, leading all the way to the large chamber containing the Machine.

As Scenario Five was commenced, the facility was abandoned and the outside lift was broken, trapping anyone up in the mountain.

Locations Edit

Site map research base full

Site map of the entire facility.

The Research Compound housed a variety of different sections dedicated for different tasks.

The most important section of the base was the Rosetta research facility, but the complex also had other important sections, such as a warehouse dedicated to storing Markers. Other sections of the base was also put into use of studying the dead, alien-based Necromorphs and also the other, recent variants.

Lift system drop-off point Edit

A drop off point of the lift at the base of the Research Compound. A hut of presumably the maintenance crew is located there.

Base Exterior Edit

A labyrinth of corridors carved into the icy terrain of the mountain riddled with Markers. The entrance to the Paleontology Sector is located next to the compound gate.

Some sort of an overpass is located between the exterior entrance and the Biology Sector entrance.

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