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You falling apart on us, Sarge? Maybe Irons here can sign you up with the Unitologists; they seem pretty at peace with this bullshit.[1]

Ramirez is a member of the P.C.S.I. Security team led by Alissa Vincent.[1]

Biography Edit

"My old man always said I was chicken shit. He wanted me to join the service, but I wasn't big on the idea of getting my ass shot off in some war zone back home."

Ramirez signed up for the job of being in the USG Ishimura's security team through pressure from his father in regards to his apparent lack of bravery and strength; yet he was not willing to enter a full military service and put his life on the line, feeling that he would fare better by avoiding any form of confrontation. Ramirez never felt ready for war and being involved with any such events back on Earth. After deciding he was not up for a life of combat, Ramirez took a new career path in Security, hence his smart and quick thinking when it came to using electronics. He always believed his father to be wrong about his character and how he did indeed have what it takes to be a soldier, but felt safer in being away from it all.

The Second Aegis VII Incident Edit

Throughout the duration of the Necromorph attack on the Ishimura, Ramirez saves Alissa from the crazed Hanson and helps her rescue some of the civilians left on board, while also killing countless Necromorphs in the process.

Ramirez eventually begins to succumb to the psychological effects caused by the Red Marker, stating how they were "in his head", therefore deciding to stay behind to stop himself from eventually going insane and trying to kill Vincent like Hanson had. Ramirez holds Vincent at gunpoint and forces her to stay behind the door, briefly stating "it was an honor serving with her" before locking the blast doors. It is unknown if he survived, but it is likely that he was killed.

Trivia Edit

  • Ramirez was to be part of the Graverobber, but it was cut from the movie.
  • He makes a final appearance just before the end of the movie, appearing as an apparition to Alissa who instructs her to 'Finish the job, save the ship'.
    • Whilst it appears that the apparition is helping Alissa, it is actually the Marker using her to bring more people into the vicinity in order to spread the contagion (i.e how Amelia Kyne persuades Dr. Kyne to return the Marker to the planet in order to start the Convergence Event).

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