Rachel Tatchet
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"No, Mr. Weller, she is not available!"
—Ratchel Tatchet[1]

Rachel Tatchet was a Resident Nurse who worked at Titan Memorial Medical Center on the Sprawl. During the onset of the Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl, Rachel responded to Gabe Weller's RIG transmission. She told him that his wife, Lexine Weller, was presently in a fertility session and "unavailable".

Despite her efforts to dissuade Gabe, her feed was overridden by the security officer with an authorization code. After the drastic events of Severed her fate is unknown but its most likely that she would have been deceased during the heated outbreak at the Titan Station and if not Isaac's destructive actions that would have obliterated her during the destruction of Titan Station.

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