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Project Telomere Seal

Project Telomere was an EarthGov research program conducted at the EarthGov research facility on Titan Station, serving the purpose of studying Marker-related phenomena.


Project Telomere was commenced by EarthGov at least three years before the Necromorph outbreak on Titan Station. Isaac Clarke and Nolan Stross were its primary subjects, though there were others. Station governor Hans Tiedemann was its overseer, with scientists such as Kinner Phelps and Foster Edgars undertaking much of the research. Security was provided by EarthGov troops headed by Armand Fattouh.

Through use of the NoonTech Diagnostic Machine, Project Telomere staff were able to study signals and patterns in the human brain related to Marker-induced dementia, allowing them to build their own for study. As referenced by one of Tiedemann's logs, those involved with the project had come to a consensus that humanity could no longer sustain itself and needed these technologies to survive.

Project Telomere came to an abrupt end when Isaac Clarke successfully destroyed the Site 12 Marker, the fruit of the project, and Titan Station was destroyed. All materials and equipment were vaporized in the blast.



  • A Telomere is defined as a protective covering that caps the delicate ends of Chromosomes.[1]


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