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Prima Games Security Suit
Production History




The Prima Security Suit is an unlockable suit in Dead Space 2 Multiplayer.


The Prima Security Suit has white accents all around the helmet, most notably on the forehead of the helmet and the sides. The body armor is completely white, while the bodysuit is completely black, with some gray added on the legs. The suit, like all other Security Suit variants, have ammo pouches on the waist, but they are purely cosmetic. The legs have armor, and the armor is white as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Officially called the Solid Viral White Suit.
  • There is no video console on the front of the suit. This may be the reason why you cannot access your inventory during multiplayer.
  • Despite it being a Prima Games suit, it sports only a white color scheme while the Prima games logo is both white and red.
  • The look of this suit may have been inspired by the Level 6 Soldier Suit from the first Dead Space game because of the similar color schemes.
  • This suit was originally worn by, as the title suggests, Prima officials and employees.

Gallery Edit

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