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Pneumatic Torches are weapon parts in Dead Space 3. They fulfill the role of the Flamethrower from previous games by default, but can be turned into Magnesium Afterburners and Cryogenic Torches with the right tips.

Design DetailsEdit

An incendiary device fueled by compressed gas.

Can be used as an Upper Tool and a Lower Tool

Attachable TipsEdit

Heavy Frame: 

  • Default Tip [ Flamethrower ]: Produces an intense cloud of white-hot flame. Lights enemies on fire. Some of the damage is instantaneous and some is damage over time. Ammo can be conserved by firing in quick bursts and backing away, firing again when the flames go out. Holds 50 rounds by default. +7 rounds for the first Clip Upgrade, +6 rounds for each additional Clip Upgrade.
  • Compressor [Magnesium Afterburner]: Produces a powerful Magnesium Afterburner. Slightly more damage than the Default Tip but with a noticeably shorter range. Unlike the Default Tip, all of the damage is instantaneous, making it much easier to use since you can just hold down the "fire" button until the enemy is dead. Thus, it kills much faster. Holds 50 rounds by default. +7 rounds for the first Clip Upgrade, +6 rounds for each additional Clip Upgrade.
  • Precision Tip [Cryogenic Torch]: Produces a cryogenic torch that freezes its targets. Less damage, but slows enemies and has more range than the Default or Compressor Tips. The game actually uses a minor stasis effect to slow enemies, rather than a "cold" effect. Holds 40 rounds by default. +5 rounds per Clip Upgrade.

Compact Frame:

  • Default Tip [Blowtorch]: Produces a blazing hot Blowtorch. Holds 30 rounds by default. +4 rounds per Clip Upgrade.
  • No producible tips are available for the Pneumatic Torch on a Compact Frame.


  • The Flamethrower from Dead Space 2 can be constructed by placing a default tip Pneumatic Torch as an Upper Tool and a Diffraction Torus-tipped Survey Charge on a Heavy Frame. However, it cannot be recreated on a Compact Frame as Survey Charges are not compatible with that type of frame.


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