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That's the key, that's it, that's the key, it's coming, it's too late now, death is the answer.[1]

Pete Fancher was part of the team that extracted the Marker on Aegis VII who was not killed during Sam Caldwell's rampage. However, due to his close contact with the Red Marker, he began to suffer severe insomnia and later dementia.[note 1]

His wife called Tom Sciarello for a house visit because Pete refused to go to the medical center for surgery. Dr. Sciarello, observing Fancher's agitated state, attempted to administer a sedative to calm him somewhat. Unfortunately, upon seeing the syringe, Pete Fancher reacted violently, tackling the Doctor in an attempt to strangle him. Ms. Fancher intervened, stabbing Pete in the side of the neck with the sedative, ending Pete's assault and saving Sciarello.

It is unknown if he died; which the syringe stabbing him to the side of his neck causing him to die slowly, or was knocked out, wake up and was later slaughtered by the Necromorphs.


  1. In many ways, Pete Fancher is a reference point for behavior associated with the Red Marker, specifically insomnia, depression, compulsive scrawling, and violent behavior. For additional information, see: Crazed Colonist


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