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P.S.C.I. Badge
"Our job is the safety of the crew. The way I see it, we have two options: Fight or die. We don't have the luxury of running."
—Alissa Vincent[1]

The Planet Cracker Starship Ishimura Security, or P.C.S.I. Security, is the police force on the USG Ishimura. This police force can been seen in the prequel movie Dead Space: Downfall and Dead Space: Extraction.

During the events of Dead Space, the swiftness of the Necromorphs caused an utter break down in command. The security personnel were not able to organize a valid defense. Throughout the movie, one-by-one, each crew member was killed, culminating in the death of their commanding officer, Alissa Vincent.


Known P.C.S.I. Security PersonnelEdit

Known RanksEdit

  • Chief Security Officer
  • Security Sergeant
  • Security Officer
  • Security Corporal
  • Security Private

Alissa Vincent's P.C.S.I. Security team in action.


  • The outer forearms of the P.C.S.I. Sec jackets appear to be colored according to rank.
  • Each member of Vincent's team wears a unique uniform (with the exception of Dobbs, who uses the basic variant.)



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