Deadspace2 NoonTechDiagnosticMachine

Noon Tech Diagnostic Machine inside the Project Interface Room

Step 1: Crawl inside. Step 2: The screws go tight, all around. Cross my heart and hope to die... Stick a needle in your eye...

The 'NoonTech Diagnostic Machine' is a medical device used by Titan Station Director Tidemann's science division, who used it to facilitate the creation of their own Marker following the Aegis VII incident.

The machine was used to access the lateral geniculate, the part of the brain where a Marker's signal stored its information, blueprints and knowledge. By inserting a needle through the ocular cavity to the LG, this information could be accessed without the need to open the patient's skull.

Incidental survivors Isaac Clarke and Nolan Stross were both regularly subjected to the machine, being given memory suppressants shortly afterwards so they would have no knowledge of the device or its capabilities.


The Noontech Diagnostic Machine resembles a standard MRI machine in overall shape.

The machine was first physically encountered by Clarke shortly after the Marker began a cataclysmic Convergence event, following the arrival of a Necromorph horde. A hallucination of Nicole Brennan, Clarke's deceased girlfriend, guided him to the machine. Realizing the "steps" described to him by Nolan Stross related to the machine's operation, Clarke entered the device.

The needle built into the machine extracted the information and caused great pain to Clarke. However, he acquired the information necessary to destroy the Site 12 Marker.


Isaac will panic and move his eye around VERY erratically should his heart rate become too high. The needle should be moved very slowly and cautiously, even slower when it is within 1.0-0.1 inches of Isaac's eye. It is not recommended to proceed when Isaac's heart rate exceeds 100bpm, as it won't drop any lower than 90 once this happens and makes it highly dangerous to extend the needle, reload the checkpoint if Isaac starts panicking.

Death sceneEdit

If the player does not successfully line up the laser to Isaac's pupil or allows his heart rate to become too high, the machine will suddenly malfunction. The entire needle apparatus is suddenly thrust downwards and impales Isaac through his eye as he screams in pain. The needle attempts to retract but ends up drilling in further, eventually piercing into Isaac's brain and causing his death.


  • The Machine is first referenced at the very beginning of Dead Space 2 on a holovid of an interview with Nolan Stross. Doctor Foster comments that his eye is looking better, hinting that it had not been long since Stross's last use of the machine.
  • Isaac should be unable to see out of his right eye for at least 24 hours after using the machine, since the needle punctured his iris and retina and he apparently didn't heal it after getting out. However, when he takes off his helmet at the end of the game, waiting for death, there is no evidence of the operation to be seen.
  • Surviving the machine will earn the player the trophy/achievement "Cross Your Heart, Hope To Die."
  • If Isaac dies in the machine, the screen to his left displays "Alignment Compromised, Please Call Engineer."- ironic, as it has just killed the last remaining qualified engineer in the complex, and possibly the entire station, knowing how badly overrun the Sprawl was by the Necromorph threat.
  • According to the computer within the machine, it is referred to as "NoonLight Diagnostics" and is designed by DTK Industries.
  • It seems Nolan Stross is completely obsessed with and afraid of the eye-poke machine, claiming that "she's in there." This is a reference to his wife, whom he had killed along with their son in a fit of dementia. He had also wanted fellow survivor Ellie Langford to see "him" (his son) through "step three," which involves the machine.
  • When inside the machine, the holo-projectors for all suits flip closed.
  • When successfully penetrating Isaac's eye, a brief message appears and says "The World Must End" (this is shown in Unitologist characters during the event) The meaning of the message is later revealed during Dead Space 3 "The World Must End" referring to the creation of a Moon by absorbing an entire planet (Convergence)
  • There is a reference to the machine in Dead Space 3 where Ellie mentions that the data needed for the codex was taken out of Rosetta's brain to which Isaac says "That sounds familiar. At least they didn't poke her eye out."


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