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  • Alejandro Borges' cousin
  • First O'Bannon crew member to die

Noah Pawling was an Engineer serving on the USG O'Bannon. He was Alejandro Borges' cousin.


Noah was part of a group of civilian engineers picked up from Titan Station, and sent with the rest of the O'Bannon crew to investigate Aegis VII and the disappearance of the USGIshimura. He, his cousin and Omar were to keep a gravity stabilizer in check while other crew members were to allegedly measure gravity fluctuations. When the gravity stabilizer started to overload, he attempted to fix it but was killed by Nickolas Kuttner.


  • Noah Pawling is voiced and modelled after actor, Jesse Head.
  • The hologame he is seen playing is the PlayStation Portable (PSP) version of Dante's Inferno, which was a game made by Visceral Games and Electronic Arts (who also made the Dead Space series).
  • According to Isabel Cho, Noah was only 19 years old at the time of his death.
  • Noah Pawling is among the two youngest characters to be killed in the Dead Space series, with the other being Nolan Stross' son.
  • Vivian Kuttner is also killed in a car accident, but her death is only seen through one of Nikolas Kuttner's hallucinations. Although he may have actually witnessed it.
  • Noah's cousin, Alejandro Borges, is responsible for him getting a job on board the O'Bannon.


  1. In Alejandro's flash back, Isabel Cho says Noah was 19 year old.

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