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Nickolas Kuttner was an ex-marine employed on the USG O'Bannon as a security officer.


About a week before the arrival to Aegis VII, the ship picked up several engineers and technicians for an unknown mission. As Kuttner gazed at a picture of himself and his daughter, Nolan Stross mentioned that his son has the same eye color. Isabel Cho told Stross to be quiet, since Kuttner's daughter Vivian died in an accident back home a few weeks ago. The Captain had arrived and told them about their mission.

Events on Aegis VIIEdit

The planet was damaged because of the actions of an engineer named Clarke (during the events of Dead Space) and it had become highly unstable. The team's mission was to set up several towers to stabilize the planet at specific locations and hold it together. Moreover, the team was to pick up any surviving fragments left from the Red Marker, which was destroyed by the impact. Each fragment was worth two million a kilo. This was an offer the team could not pass up.

On Aegis VII, Kuttner found a fragment of the Marker and picked it up. He immediately began to experience hallucinations of the original marker, unbroken, whispers and his daughter Vivian. His daughter asked why he did not keep her safe before being struck by something, her head being twisted off by the force. Kuttner begged for the visions to stop, saying "not again". He woke up from the vision with control trying to get in contact with him. En route to the stabilizing tower, Vivian appeared again, saying she missed him. He said he missed her too before a shadowy creature appeared. It killed his daughter yet again, spraying Kuttner with blood, but this was just another hallucination. Isabel contacted him, complaining that all they had heard was static. Kuttner began to see his crewmates as the shadowy creatures and saw Vivian again, being dragged into the tower by the other wraiths. He ran after her, screaming her name. Inside the tower, the engineers, lead by Alejandro Borges, were attempting to stabilize the planet. Kuttner saw them as the shadows too, one of them holding his daughter. He promptly attacked, wounding the others and killing Borges' cousin, Noah Pawling. Then, he attacked the one holding Vivian, which was, in truth, the control panel of the tower. The damage he caused destabilized the entire planet. Borges, in fury, knocked out Kuttner with his mechanical prosthesic arm. Later, the crew restrained Kuttner on the ship.

On the USG O'BannonEdit

He showed no signs of recovery, as when questioned later in medlab about what happened, he continually said that his daughter was out playing. When the Necromorphs eventually broke free, accidentally released by Stross, Isabel released Kuttner and allowed him to help. He used a medical blade device similar to the mining torch from Dead Space: Downfall and fought off one of the Necromorphs. In the middle of a firefight with the hostiles, Kuttner saw Vivian once more; she lead him and the team down to a ventilation pipe where the creatures could not follow them.

Vivian told Kuttner to go down another pipe. At the bottom, he met Borges, who wanted revenge for his cousin's death. Kuttner insisted that he only wanted safety for his daughter, but Borges yelled that his daughter was dead, just like his own cousin. Kuttner reassured the hallucination of Vivian that Borges was just scared.

Later, Kuttner attempted to destroy the fragment of the Marker by shooting at it, but was unable to even scratch it. Stross assured him that the only way to destroy the fragment was to throw it into the reactor core. On the way there, the Necromorphs attacked again. A grenade damaged the wall of the ship and the vacuum began to suck the survivors out. Kuttner was saved by Borges, who rose above his anger for his cousin's death. During the last scuffle on the O'Bannon, the team managed to destroy the fragment and in the process, the Necromorphs on board. However, their problems were far from over.

The rescue team from the USM Abraxis arrived, finding the group in the engine room, where they had been since the creatures had been destroyed. Kuttner, still delusional from his contact with the marker, swore that they would not hurt Vivian and opened fire, killing one of the marines. The marines used tasers to knock out the survivors and took them aboard their ship.


On board, Kuttner incessantly spoke to his daughter as if she was alive. He was interrogated by using a machine that utilized the fear receptors in his brain to torture him. By exploiting his pyrophobia, Kuttner was forced to talk. After telling his story, the interrogator was very pleased that they had someone who had actually made direct contact with the fragment. However, Kuttner broke free and killed the guards with an acquired pistol, following the hallucination of Vivian down the expansive hallways of the Abraxis.

Killing several marines and being mortally injured in the process, he begged Vivian to wait for him. He watched her floating outside the window of the ship and asking him to come out, since the bad men were coming to take him away from her. She said that if he came to her, they would be together always and forever. The marines ran at him, just barely getting to him before he opened the door of the airlock and launched everybody into space. As he floated, Vivian floated towards him. He hugged her, saying "Always and forever". His dead body floated away, smiling, as he was finally reconciled with his beloved daughter.



  • Nikolas Kuttner is voiced by Christopher Judge from the TV series Stargate SG-1.
  • He shares some qualities with that of Alissa Vincent, the main protagonist of Dead Space: Downfall; both are security officers, use a the Divet pistol, came in contact with the Marker and had hallucinations, died the same way (getting sucked into space and suffocating, with a the trademark "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" playing in the background), and only appear in a movie.
  • The marker shard that he finds on Aegis VII has the symbol "E" in Unitology.

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