The Mule
Production information


Transport Aircraft

Technical Specifications

Engine Unit(s):

Jet Engines









Cargo Aircraft



Earliest Sighting:



Sovereign Colonies


S.C.A.F Galactic Expedition

Known Owner(s):

Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces


The Mule was an Aircraft used by the Sovereign Colonies flotilla during their expedition to Tau Volantis. Its role was possibly to transport cargo from the planet to the flotilla or items on the planet's surface.

The Mule is encountered during the Prologue, damaged, having apparently crash landed on a large hill due to a storm and Necromorph attack. Not much detail was revealed about it except for the rough estimation of its total passenger load, about 10-15 people, considering the amount of lockers, corpses and Necromorphs found inside the wreckage.

Overview Edit

The Mule was relatively complex despite its small size. It had a lower floor where the shuttle's emergency hatch was located as well as a second floor where the cockpit was built. The cockpit could be locked with a barred barricade that only could be opened by two persons simultaneously. It also had another emergency door, which Caufman and Ackerman use to escape the ship after it starts collapsing down the cliffside it crashed onto. The ship's two floors were connected with a ladder.

It also had a big ventilation system similar to other ships and buildings on the planet which was large enough for the Necromorphs to travel.

The Mule's overall appearance was similar to early 21st century planes as it had wings where jet engines were attached and also landing gear whereas the more futuristic ships relied on anti-gravity methods when landing and during takeoff.


The Mule and Ensign Patrick Beckford was dispatched by Earl Serrano to transport the Codex to him in the Alien City. The ship was thought to leave in a hurry but was infested with Swarms that quickly transformed the crew into Wasters, which killed the pilots of the ship while in a storm. With no one controlling it, the ship crashed on the side of a cliff just above the Research Compound.

Later Privates Tim Caufman and Sam Ackerman arrived at the site to retrieve the Codex as tasked by the desperate doctor and were forced to fight off the infected crew of the ship. As Caufman picked up the Codex, the Mule loses its balance and began to fall apart. Caufman and Ackerman rappeled down the cliff to escape the wreck, with Caufman narrowly avoding his death by destroying a incoming turbine. At the foot of the hill, the Mule wreck crashes and buries Ackerman under its heavy debris, killing him instantly.

Death SceneEdit

After rappeling down the cliff, one of the Mule's broken engine turbines will land in front of Caufman and Ackerman, sliding down towards them. If the turbine is not shot and destroyed in time, it will grind them into pieces and explode.


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