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The Mjölnir is a weapon that appears in Dead Space 3. The weapon must be built at a Bench after finding the blueprint.


The Mjölnir is named after the Norse mythological weapon, Mjölnir. It is a combination of a Chain Lightning Gun and a Hydraulic Hammer.


The blueprint for this weapon can be found during Chapter #.

Technical SpecificationsEdit


This section is still under-development. More information will be added soon.

Upper ToolEdit

The upper tool of Mjölnir consists of a Tesla Core with a Diffraction Torus Tip (Chain Lightning Gun). This produces an electric arc that spreads to nearby targets.

Lower ToolEdit

The lower tool of Mjölnir consists of a Hydraulic Engine with a Conic Dispersal Tip (Hydraulic Hammer). Allows tool to be swung like a hammer. Inflicts more damage than the Default Tip.


  • This weapon can't be built or used in Classic mode.



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