Mining Deck

USG Ishimura

  • Breaking up/Smelting Planetary Fragments
Point(s) of Interest:
  • Mineral Processing
  • Mining Bay

The Mining Deck was the heart of the USG Ishimura. This was where asteroids and planet fragments are broken apart and smelted for valuable minerals. A 4-level deck, it was by far the largest deck on the Ishimura. Asteroids are brought in via an entrance on the third level and held in place by gravity tethers.

Tram StationEdit

A Deck - PreparationEdit

RIG RoomEdit

B Deck - Mineral Processing AreaEdit


Mineral ProcessingEdit

Mineral Processing ControlEdit

C Deck - ExtractionEdit

Extraction RoomEdit

Mining BayEdit

Mining ControlEdit

D Deck - MaintenanceEdit

Repair RoomEdit

Maintenance ChamberEdit

Equipment Maintenance BayEdit

Maintenance Storage RoomEdit


  • This was where Chapter 7: Into the Void of Dead Space took place.
  • The Mining Deck was where you first ran into Nicole Brennan.
  • The Mining Deck was one of the last decks to be overrun. It was quite possible that a certain number of survivors are still in there while the Kellion landed aboard the USG Ishimura.