Chicxulub Puerto

Gulf Coast of Mexico

United Mexican States, usually referred to just Mexico, was country in North America, before the Resource Wars broke out. However, in 2200, the U.S.A. invaded Mexico for their business and oil supply back. the capital of Mexico is Mexico City.

Background Edit

It is the location of the Black Marker, that hit Earth about approximately 65 million years ago, and killed the dinosaurs and almost everything on the planet.

In 2214, it was discovered by Michael Altman and a team of researchers, and bring it to the Oceanic Research Facility, a scientific facility located off coast of Puerto Chicxulub, but unfortunately it became infected by strange mutated-like creatures.

A Mexican boy named "Chava" lived in the outskirts of Mexico with his family too, who actually helped out Michael Altman after he escaped the facility and headed to the public and show the existence of the Marker to the world.

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