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USG Ishimura

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  • Scientific Research
Point(s) of Interest:
  • Cryogenics Laboratory
  • Imaging Diagnostics Ward
  • Ishimura Clinic

The Medical Deck of the USG Ishimura was a large complex located amidships toward the dorsal surface. This complex was very large, rating two separate tram stations and numerous sub-divisions. The Medical Deck also seemed to be the Ishimura's center for non-agricultural and non-mining related studies and even those for studies which are tangentially connected to medicine (Biological research) or not connected at all (Research on the Marker.)

The Medical Deck was a sprawling location encompassing numerous laboratories, office spaces, storage spaces and centers for medical diagnosis and treatment. It had two tram stations which opened directly onto Cryo and one of which opened onto a large hub/security checkpoint and when Isaac Clarke arrived, it was one of the goriest and ominously uninviting locations on the Ishimura.

Tram StationsEdit

The Medical Deck was unique in that it had two separate tram stations. Given that on a mining vessel, very severe traumatic injuries could occur very suddenly. It was possible that trams are used for medical evacuation. If the trauma was severe enough, it might be preferable for an injured crewman to be rushed into cryo-freeze for later surgery once the Ishimura's medical team had a chance to study his or her injuries and develop a precise plan of action. Hence, a direct link to the Cryo lab was not remotely unreasonable.

The main tram station was like all of the others on the ship: It had a sheltered waiting space, encased in glass and furnished with seats, presumably for those who are departing the Medical Deck to wait in for their tram to arrive. There was a vending machine full of refreshments and a Store.

Security StationEdit

The Ishimura's Medical Deck was very sprawling to facilitate ease of access. The level's Security Station provided access to the many discrete locations for one visiting the Medical Deck. During normal operations, security personnel are stationed here. Such personnel are likely given at least rudimentary training in routing incoming patients to the correct areas of the Medical Deck: Sending those with emergency injuries to the E.R., those who need to visit the main labs for diagnostic work done to the Main Labs and so forth and so on.

The Security Station contained a Store, a Save Station and a security Kiosk with a console capable of overriding remote hackers and restoring environmental life support throughout the deck. It also had seats for waiting patients.

Access to the Ishimura's Clinic was blocked off by a large barricade which was built by Gabe Weller, McNeill and a few other officers after they fled from the Clinic to prevent the Necromorphs from getting to the Security Station as the door was jammed. When Isaac had to get into the Clinic to retrieve the Captain's RIG, he built a makeshift bomb to destroy it and get through it.

Ishimura ClinicEdit

The Ishimura's Clinic was the catchall phrase for the general medical and surgical suites aboard the USG Ishimura. The Clinic was a well-equipped and well-staffed medical facility which seemed to be used for both general practice and emergency activities.

Waiting RoomEdit


Waiting Room

Immediately adjacent to the Main Hub, the Waiting Room was a fairly small area with a vending machine and a plethora of seats. There are glass windows looking into administrative space which was directly connected to the E.R. Ward without doors and spaces which would normally be staffed with medical personnel directing patients to wait or enter. There was a notable lack of a location to perform emergency triage.

Emergency RoomEdit


Emergency Room

The large E.R. Ward had many beds which are provided with ceiling-mounted bio-sensors and diagnostic tools. It contained Oxygen refill stations which are normally configured to distribute pure Oxygen to patients with breathing difficulties and an assortment of medical supplies. Some beds lined the walls with privacy screens surrounding them while others stood with their heads to a pillar, configured so many attending personnel can cluster around a patient.

ER HallwaysEdit


ER Hallway A

ER Hallway A & B are large hallways connecting the E.R. with the I.C.U. They are lined with beds divided by curtains and lined with medical equipment and hook-ups. ER Hallway A contained Patient Beds 1 to 6 while ER Hallway B contained Patient Beds 7 to 12. This section seemed to be a rest area for patients who did not require intensive or emergency care, but must remain hospitalized. It contained an Oxygen refill station at the far end, presumably a distribution hook-up for providing pure Oxygen to patients requiring assistance breathing and a medical supplies room which was locked and required a Power Node override to gain entry. The hallways connected to the Emergency Room and the ICU.

Intensive Care UnitEdit



The Ishimura's I.C.U. consisted of four medical units enclosed by armored security glass which was very resistant to rupturing. Three of these medical units are fully-sealed, upright cylinders which appeared to be capable of being filled with liquid. The fourth enclosure was not entirely sealed and appeared to be a surgical suite. It contained a medical bed and was larger than the tanks, containing space for attending medical personnel to stand around the patient. The I.C.U. had elevator access to the Morgue and also contained Dr. Challus Mercer's office.

By the time Isaac arrived, one of the four cylindrical enclosures was violently shattered by massive physical assault from the outside and one had a human infant laying, presumably dead upon the Bench. The cylinder closet to the door that Isaac came in through had a pile of flesh and organs laying inside, both on the floor of it and partially splattered on the walls. The surgical suite had a conscious patient laying upon the bed and a living nurse laughing uncontrollably as she was sawing up his organs. She slashed her own throat after Isaac observed her for a few seconds.

Mercer's OfficeEdit


Mercer's Office

The office of Dr. Challus Mercer was located on the I.C.U., indicating that he was a medical doctor and a physician of some renown before he went insane and began murdering the crew in an attempt to create unstoppable Necromorph variations. When Isaac Clarke first arrived, the room was decorated with Unitologist symbols. The walls are scrawled with Unitologist script and the ceiling had red hangings hung from it not unlike the main lounge of the Crew Deck which was turned into a Unitology Chapel. The shelves are full of disembodied human heads, some in jars and some hanging free. Presumably, Dr. Mercer neither decorated his office like this or he kept a large supply of dismembered human heads in his office after the ship fell into chaos.

Dr. Mercer's office contained a laboratory table within which he stored the samples of Necromorph flesh. Isaac Clarke must retrieve this sample in order to poison the Leviathan.




The USG Ishimura had a large morgue, clearly with a capacity of dozens of bodies if not hundreds. Such a capacity could easily be understood by reasoning that the Ishimura was expected to transport any mining-colony fatalities (And of course deaths-aboard-ship) back into settled space for disposal according to the wishes of the deceased such as by cremation, burial in the ground or rendering to the Church of Unitology for preservation in cryogenic stasis. It also contained a glass-walled examination room for the autopsy of deceased personnel.

Isaac Clarke visited the Morgue because he needed to acquire the RIG of Captain Benjamin Mathius who was deceased early during the Necromorph outbreak and was transported to the Morgue for autopsy. The Morgue was one of the first locations that the Necromorph infestation spread from, yet there are still untouched bodies (Including that of Captain Mathius) waiting for an Infector to get to. Isaac must battle the Captain's reanimated remains in the form of an Enhanced Slasher to retrieve the Captain's RIG at the same time as he must fend off the Infector which turned the Captain - a difficult task if the other remains in the Morgue are not dismembered.

Research WingEdit

The Research Wing of the Ishimura was a relatively compact section of the Medical Decks, compared to the other wings and wards. It was presumably the location where most of the research aboard the Ishimura was done, though it also housed the BPC which presumably amputation patients would need to visit in order for their limbs to be re-attached.

Main LabEdit


Main Lab

The sprawling Main Lab of the Research Wing was a large room, spread over two floors vertically. Most activity seemed to occur on the first floor as most of the second floor consisted of a catwalk around the perimeter of the first floor with only elevator access which was both an elevator on the catwalk's edge and the elevator access through the Biological Prosthetics Center. The Main Lab had two doors which opened onto spaces labeled as the Biological Laboratory. These discrete rooms (Which are not differentiated) are linked to one another by the Biological Prosthetics Center.

The Main Lab also opened into a room which was presumably Dr. Kyne's office, a second person's office and it had a back hallway containing a storeroom and a bathroom.

Dr. Kyne's OfficeEdit

Although not explicitly labeled as the office of Dr. Terrence Kyne, Isaac Clarke found this room accessible from the Main Lab, containing a video log of a conversation between the Doctor and the Captain. There was a hidden room in the back, accessible by moving a book-shelf with Kinesis, containing some useful items, another log and a Unitologist statue of the Black Marker.

Bio LabEdit

Two doors in the Main Lab opened into rooms marked as the Bio Lab. The two rooms are on different floors of the Main Lab and they did not connect directly to one another. One of the rooms seemed to be an office while the other was an exam room of some sort. They connected to each other through the Biological Prosthetics Center which was only accessible through the Bio Lab rooms off the Main Lab.

When Isaac Clarke first entered the Bio Lab, only the door on the bottom floor of the Main Lab was accessible. He must enter it, traverse through the BPC and enter the room on the top floor of the Main Lab in order to retrieve a canister of Thermite.

Biological Prosthetics CenterEdit


Isaac standing before tanks full of clones

The Ishimura's BPC was a location on the vessel where crew members who suffered from amputating injuries may come to have a biological prosthetic grafted on. These sorts of injuries seemed to be frighteningly common aboard the Ishimura and given the size of the BPC. The biological prosthetics are apparently created by means of cloning the individual, rapidly aging the clone to adulthood and harvesting the prosthetic limb or organ from the clone. No mention of how infant clones are grown to adult size in anything resembling a speedy manner. Presumably, the clones are created with no higher brain functions.

The BPC contained racks upon racks of infant clones suspended in green liquid. Presumably, this explained where the Lurker Necromorphs aboard the Ishimura came from. As there are no clones apparently in any state of growth between infant and adulthood, it seemed possible that infant clones are made and kept waiting until the rapid aging process was necessary. It could simply be that many of the clones are created early on in the chaos spreading through the Ishimura before anyone realized what was causing the amputation injuries.

Imaging Diagnostics WardEdit

The Imaging Diagnostics Ward, accessible via hallway from the Main Hub of the Medical Deck was presumably where X-Ray, Magnetic Resonance and/or other more advanced forms of medical imaging took place. It also contained the Chemical Research Lab, an unmarked examination room and Zero-G Therapy, despite the fact that the Chemistry Lab would seemingly be a better fit in the Research Wing and Zero-G Therapy would be a better fit in the Clinic. Presumably, they are allocated to the Imaging Diagnostics Ward for gameplay reasons, though it could be rationalized in-universe as the lab space and Zero-G Therapy not originally planned and installed later on in the ship's life-cycle and simply had to be placed wherever there was room, no matter how illogical or inconvenient that it made the access.

Imaging Diagnostics RoomEdit

MD-Imaging Diagnostics

Imaging Diagnostics Room

The crux of the Imaging Diagnostics Ward. The Imaging Diagnostics Room was a large space with a locked room which was apparently a hybrid of medical storage and examination room, a secondary exam room and was the access to the Chemical Research Lab, Cryo Lab and Zero-G Therapy. It contained a Bench and a large horizontal cylinder on a Kinesis rack which may be moved back and forth into one of what seemed to be two different imaging machines and also seemed to be able to move the patient cylinder directly into Zero-G Therapy through the means of a transfer port accessed through one of the diagnostic machines. The Imaging Diagnostics Room had an elevator access to the abbreviated second floor which had a very inconvenient access to the Zero-G Therapy Ward, requiring those wishing to enter to use a Kinesis module to move the diagnostic chassis into place to act as a floor, not once, but twice.

The diagnostic chassis armature was capable of moving under it's own power without need for a Kinesis Module as it was demonstrated later when it was doing just that. It was moving rapidly underneath arcs of electricity. Isaac needed to use Stasis to slow the platform down in order to traverse to the Chemical Research Lab.

The node-locked room was where Nicole committed suicide, although her body was nowhere to be found by the time Isaac reached it.

Zero-G TherapyEdit

MD-Zero-G Therapy

Zero-G Therapy

The Zero-G Therapy Ward accessed through the Imaging Diagnostics Lab consisted of a hallway which accessed both the Cryo Lab and the Chemical Research Lab, opening into another hallway (Located on the outer hull) containing interconnected medical storage rooms and finally the Zero-G Therapy room itself which was a vast, cylindrical chamber in which gravity may be switched on and off. A small storage room on the far side of Zero-G Therapy contained medical supplies including the Shock Pad which Isaac Clarke needed to retrieve in order to build a bomb.

Chemical Research LabEdit


Chemical Research Lab with Dormant Hunter

The Chemical Research Lab was a small room located off the Zero-G Therapy hallway on a corner. It had doors into both corridors and the corridor wall closest to the Cryo-Lab was equipped with armored windows. The Chemical Research Laboratory contained many hazardous chemical and biological materials which, when combined with a Necromorph tissue sample could be used against Necromorphs such as the Leviathan.

The Chemical Research Lab also had two squared flotation tanks for human occupancy. When Isaac Clarke first entered the lab, one of these tanks contained a human corpse. The other contained the Hunter in a dormant state. The Hunter did not break free until it was aroused by Dr. Challus Mercer who put it into a state of dormancy and roused it through unknown means.

Cryogenics LaboratoryEdit


Dr. Mercer in the Cryogenics Laboratory

The Cryogenics Lab was located away from most of the Medical Deck. The only foot access was via a complicated and inconvenient route through the Imaging Diagnostics Ward. However, it had it's own Tram hook-up. The Cryogenics Laboratory itself was capable of flash-freezing biological organisms into cylinders of ice. Presumably in medical use, this was for the purpose of immediately stabilizing critically-wounded trauma patients, placing them in suspended animation such that physicians could study them (Presumably in the Imaging Diagnostics Room) and determine a plan for treatment.

When Isaac Clarke first arrived, Dr. Challus Mercer taunted Isaac from behind locked doors in the control booth. Mercer set the Hunter upon Isaac and left quickly via the secondary Tram station and Isaac froze the Hunter in cryogenic suspension. The room contained many Necromorphs already frozen by Mercer for transportation to the other planets.



  • This was where Chapter 2: Intensive Care and Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion of Dead Space took place.
  • This was one of the decks where Chapter 10: Déjà Vu on the Ishimura of Dead Space 2 took place.
  • This was the deck where Nicole Brennan committed suicide and recorded her last log. The exact room where she killed herself could be accessed in Dead Space and Dead Space 2.
  • The second Tram Station can be explained as not wanting to make the player backtrack through a very large leve and thematically, the plot was stressing the urgency of hurrying on to Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard in order to undo the poisoning of the air. A flow-breaking backtrack would be unwelcome.
  • One of the ICU enclosures contained the corpse of a male medical staffer on a medical bed with a female nurse laughing over it. The living nurse committed suicide with a bone saw when Isaac approached in Chapter 2. When Isaac returned in Chapter 5, both the nurse and her patient's corpse are where Isaac left them, untouched. This seemed to suggest that the ICU enclosures are armored heavily enough that common Necromorphs could not breach them and they also seemed to have a pressurized atmosphere possibly containing anti-bacterial agents which would explain why the Necromorph infection did not infect the bodies of the newborn, the crazed nurse and the injured man. This could be explained by the fact that the air needed to be clean and uncontaminated while operating the patient so for harmful biological agents not to penetrate the body.
    • It was possible for Isaac to lob Force Gun grenades into the ICU surgical enclosure. If he did so during Chapter 2, the nurse and her corpse will have been made whole again due to Dead Space not saving the status of corpses.
  • When Isaac traveled through the Medical Deck again in Chapter 5, a badly-wounded female nurse was sobbing over the corpse of one of her female colleagues at the far end of the Wards Bay near the Oxygen refill hook-up. How she managed to arrive there in a deck full of Necromorphs and an obvious insanity was unclear. She did not respond to Isaac in any way and Isaac was unable to put her out of her misery, even by use of Force grenades or Line Gun mines. Her canonical death presumably occured when Challus Mercer sucked the atmosphere out of the deck. If Isaac rushed quickly after retrieving the sample, he could get to where she was and find her dead before Mercer disabled the atmosphere.
    • In truth, her death was triggered when Isaac added Sample 9797 to the chemical mixture that he retrieved from the Chemistry Lab. Add the sample, leave it in the mixing desk and run back out to the ward to find out that she mysteriously dropped dead with no signs of (Additional) violence upon her person. Possibly, she simply succumbed to her already-existing injuries.
    • Curiously, the nurse's RIG read zero prior to Mercer's removal of the life support, suggesting that the nurse could be a hallucination. This was supported by an often overlooked detail: The body that the nurse was crying over was identical to her own.
  • The Morgue provided the first glimpse of the process by which the corpses are transformed into Necromorphs.