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Captain Maxmillian Reinhardt was an agent of the Earth Government.[1] He, along with Xander Sklar, an agent aboard the ship. Maxmillian was the captain aboard the USM Abraxis, before the USG O'Bannon was discovered. he was once mentioned by four fellow EDF Marines that he said about the incident on Aegis VII was a "navigational accident". but a Marine thinks that they "almost looks like they killed each other".

Sometime after the events of Dead Space: Aftermath, They stumbled upon a distressed signal during a sweep near a space sector. The distress signal eventually led them to discovering Isaac's shuttle.

Trivia Edit

  • Maxmillian Reinhardt is a reference to The Black Hole, a 1979 American science fiction film. The antagonists are Dr. Reinhardt, and his robot creation Maximilian.


  1. DeadSpace 2: Agents of EarthGov Audio Log

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