"The research in that Marker is worth every life we just lost!"-Hans Tiedemann


The Markers are enigmatic double-helix shaped objects of extraterrestrial origin. The purpose of these objects are to create Necromorphs and finally a Moon.

Types and OriginEdit

Two types of Markers are known to exist: Black Markers and Red Markers. Black Markers originated from extraplanetary sources, traveling through space until they impacted a planet. Red Markers are artificial copies of Black Markers, created by intelligent civilizations. Both are functionally similar, serving as emitters of an electromagnetic signal that both compelled sentient beings to create more Red Markers and reanimated necrotic tissue into Necromorphs.


The ultimate purpose of the Markers was to create a Necromorph Moon (Also known as Brethren Moons) by spreading an alien contagion that reanimated dead cells and killed all life in the area. This resulted in the activation of the Markers known as the Convergence Event and pulled all of the infected in space to create another Necromorph Moon.

The creation of a Brethren Moon began with a Black Marker being sent to a hospitable planet. There, the Black Marker emitted an electromagnetic signal that guided and taught forms of life into civilization, forcing evolution of certain sentient species. The sole purpose of guiding a species into civilization was for the species to grow in numbers and overpopulate. Because of overpopulation, the species depleted all of the available energy and became desperate in finding new sources.

By this time, the Black Marker was revealed to the species. Once they discovered it's limitless energy, the species was controlled by it to worship the relic and to create copies of the original. Thought to be the purpose of gaining more energy, the reasoning behind the copies was to spread the signal to be contagion and limit quarantine protocol.

Eventually, the Black Marker and the copies made by them sent out multiple signals. Those alive and afflicted with lower intelligence began to experience hallucinations and contract dementia, sending the living into a paranoid state causing homicidal and suicidal actions. This ultimately prepared the next event by creating increasing dead bodies. Those with a higher intelligence, however are instead given blueprints for creating a Marker directly into their brains.

The signals finally are released to begin the final stage which was the Necromorph Infestation. This contagion's genetic code was written in an Alien language on the Markers itself. This signal reanimated the dead cells and tissues of all of the dead species. These dead bodies are twisted into nightmarish, monstrous creatures that are built for the purpose of killing the other living species and infecting them. This infection occurred not only with the Black Marker, but also where the other duplicate Markers spreaded. When the bodies became numerous, they prepared for the ultimate stage of Convergence.

The Convergence Event was when all of the able-bodied Necromorphs gathered around all of the Markers. A final signal was released and the Black Marker began to rotate and levitate into the sky. It's signal connected to all of the other duplicate Markers. The Black Marker pulled in every single Necromorph made by the Black Marker and it's duplicates into the sky and stratosphere. The Black Marker joined them and pulled the necrotic flesh all around it to create a Necromorph Moon. It was created and fed off the remaining life on the planet. When it was done, it went into hibernation and joined it's brethren in a chain network signal, possibly spreading the infestation farther in space.


The creation of the original Marker or Necromorph Moon was still unknown, but it was known that a Convergence Event happened many times to countless other civilizations in space. The only recorded events to the species happened to the Aliens on Tau Volantis and was currently happening to the Humans on Earth and other inhabited colonies in space where the man-made Red Markers spreaded.

Aliens of Tau VolantisEdit

By the year 2311, Tau Volantis was frozen over and inhabited by the Sovereign Colonies. After extensive research, Dr. Earl Serrano discovered the events that plagued the planet two million years ago.

Apparently, Tau Volantis was not frozen over, but an aquatic planet full of life. Eventually, a sentient alien species evolved and built a rising civilization. The aliens became overpopulated over time and diminished many of the planet's resources. However, the aliens soon found a Black Marker on their planet and discovered it's limitless energy. Worshiping it, the aliens created duplicates across the planet to harvest it's power.

The Aliens are deceived and the Black Marker and it's copies released the Necromorph contagion among their species. Eventually, the infestation reached it's limit and activated a Convergence Event, forming the Necromorph Moon from the dead Aliens. During the event, several living Aliens realized the impending doom of the Convergence Event and built a Machine that would freeze the planet and the Moon, halting the Convergence. The Machine was also built to bring down the Moon, crashing it into the planet. However, the Alien species died before this could occur.

Since this event, the Moon was frozen along with Tau Volantis, but was fully aware of the situation and now called out via Markers to "Make it whole" and "Turn it off", meaning to turn off the Machine and resume Convergence. The Moon was briefly completed in the year 2514 by Jacob Arthur Danik, but not before Isaac Clarke and John Carver completed the Machine and sent the Moon crashing down to Tau Volantis. However, this action awoke the Brethren Moons and are now on course to Earth following the signals from the Markers.

Humans of EarthEdit

65 Million years ago, the Black Marker arrived on Earth via asteroid in the Gulf of Mexico which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. From that time, the Marker replicated a signal to guide certain species, mainly primates into knowledge and become the supreme species to ultimately create civilization resulting in the evolution of the humans.

By 2214, the Black Marker began affecting the inhabitants of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico. A research team led by Michael Altman discovered the Black Marker and recovered it from the flooded crater. After doing so, it produced dementia among the scientists and released the Necromorph infestation. Altman replicated the signal which called the Black Marker. Altman sank the research facility along with the Marker back in the crater. After doing so, two men of the government assassinated Altman and recovered the Marker codes that Altman used. His mysterious death and work with the Markers made him a martyr and a figurehead of the newly formed religion, the Church of Unitology.

Using these codes, the government wished to not only study the Marker's effects, but also use them as sources of energy following an energy crisis due to overpopulation.

The Sovereign Colonies built three Red Markers which are located on the classified distant planets of Aspera, Kreemar and Aegis VII. However, outbreaks commenced around the facilities and are forced to shut down, erasing any knowledge of the Red Markers.

In 2311, the Sovereign Colonies and Dr. Earl Serrano wished to find the source of energy that the Markers received. They traced the signal back to Tau Volantis where the Aliens once existed. The team uncovered the thousands of Markers made by the Aliens and another outbreak was brought upon the humans. General Spencer Mahad issued Scenario Five to eliminate everything and everyone about this entire mission. After Earl Serrano uncovered the secrets of the Alien Civilization, the Moon, the Machine and the Codex, he sent Tim Caufman and Sam Ackerman to recover the Codex. But, it resulted in the demise of Tim, Sam, Mahad and eventually Serrano himself.

By 2508, the human population inhabited thousands of colonies across the universe, but still, there was an overpopulation and energy issue. This forced the humans to go into deep-space mining. Forming the Concordance Extraction Corporation, deep-space mining became a reality with the USG Ishimura.

In 2508, with the support of the Church of Unitology, Captain Benjamin Mathius of the USG Ishimura was sent to recover the Red Marker. When arriving to Aegis VII and unearthing the Marker, the planet was cracked open for the other purpose of arriving at the planet. However, this caused the Necromorph infestation in the colony which  spread to the Ishimura. After the USG Kellion and Isaac Clarke arrived on the Ishimura, Isaac's objective was to return the Marker back to the planet to end the infestation. He did so, but not before being touched by the Red Marker's influence and having the mined rock destroy the planet.

He along with Nolan Stross who caused another outbreak on the USG O'Bannon using a shard of the Red Marker are brought to Titan Station to revive the Marker program ran by EarthGov for the sake of harvesting limitless energy. Eventually creating the Site 12 Marker on the station, it resulted in another outbreak. Isaac Clarke along with Ellie Langford escaped Titan Station before it and the Marker are destroyed.

Unfortunately, the Markers spreaded to nearly every major colony. Due to this "violation", a radical Unitologist group known as The Circle began unleashing the Markers among the colonies, spreading the Necromorphs to cause a universal Convergence. After Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford uncovered Serrano's work on Tau Volantis, they completed the Machine and killed the Moon orbiting Tau Volantis. Ellie returned to Earth, believing that Isaac was dead. Isaac was still alive, but their actions with the Moon awoke the other Moons.

Markers created S.C.A.F.

Markers in a debriefing video on the CMS Roanoke (Enlarge for detail)

Known MarkersEdit

List of Markers-0

List of known Markers, both real and mental. Carver's mind one is the same Marker under the S.C.A.F base on Tau Volantis. See full size image for details.

  • Black Marker on Earth.
  • Luna Marker on the Moon.
  • Site 12 Marker - on Titan Station.
  • Multiple Red Markers in varying states of production found in the Sprawl's Government Sector.
  • Possibly just a hallucination of Karrie Norton. A White Marker was seen due to the amount of Marker testing on the Sprawl which may be real.
  • Two Markers are seen in and destroyed by the Sprawl Security in Dead Space 2: Multiplayer.
  • Marker 1A on Aspera - Proxima Centauri System.
  • Marker 2A on KreemarGliese 581 System.
  • Marker 3A on Aegis VII - Cygnus System.
  • Marker Shroud 4 on Uxor.
  • Three Red Markers contained in three distinct Marker pylons on Ptolemy Station, an old research station of the Sovereign Colonies. They could be charged and used simultaneously to triangulate the position of the coordinates for Tau Volantis. The station got destroyed by Ellie Langford and the crew of the USM Eudora.
  • Two Red Markers in the cargo hold of the CMS Terra Nova. One was half covered by a tarp and the other was just behind it, leaning against a crate.
  • A Red Marker seen on the CMS Brusilov which interfered with John Carver.
  • A Red Marker found underneath the S.C.A.F. base in Marker Containment, destroyed by John Carver with the aid of Isaac Clarke.
  • Hundreds if not thousands of Red Markers seen on the surface of Tau Volantis. There are also multiple Markers already absorbed by the Brethren Moon orbiting over Tau Volantis.

Marker Destruction Edit

Throughout the series, the destruction of Markers was a common objective/occurrence. While often shown to be sinister, powerful and seemingly indestructible, there are a few known ways to destroy a Marker:

  • Some Markers are vulnerable to conventional weapons fire as it was seen in Dead Space 2's multiplayer during the Marker Labs scenario. Dead Space: Aftermath supported this, though it also stated that destroying Markers in this manner merely fragmented them into still-active shards.
  • Isaac Clarke and John Carver both demonstrated a unique way of destroying a Marker: By battling and defeating it's influence within their own minds. Isaac first demonstrated this on the Sprawl with the Site 12 Marker and Carver would later replicate it when he was confronting a S.C.A.F-built Marker.
  • Dead Space: Aftermath indicated that a Marker or at least shards of one could be eliminated by dropping them into a ship's reactor. The resulting energy surge would obliterate the artifact entirely.
  • Isaac originally destroyed Marker 3A by inadvertently "dropping" a chunk of Aegis VII on it. This was referenced in Dead Space: Aftermath.

The Markers' artificial intelligence was seemingly aware of their weaknesses and would utilize their powers such as generating hallucinations and controlling Necromorphs against attackers.

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