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The Sovereign Colonies Marker Containment warehouse is a sublevel of the Rosetta Research Facility and the location of the optional co-op mission of the same name. It presumably is a storage facility for Markers exhumed on Tau Volantis, though it is now strangely devoid of almost any such artifacts.

It is here that John Carver's dementia reaches its final deadly level and has to be curbed before it kills him.



Events of Dead Space 3Edit

The Marker Containment mission is available in Chapter 14, after Isaac Clarke and John Carver reaches an elevator en route to the Rosetta assembly station. Carver suddenly sees a toy soldier in front of the elevator, before hallucinating a bloody vision of his wife (is actually Clarke in reality). He then requests Clarke to investigate the warehouse below, while trying to put an end to the visions. 

Throughout the mission, Carver is occasionally overwhelmed by his dementia, leaving him defenseless and Isaac has to defend him from onslaughts of Necromorphs until he recovers, for a total of three times (two if the mission has previously been completed). Once the final hallucination sequence is over, the two exits the warehouse, agreeing that what happened should never be talked about again.

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During the mission, the Isaac player is sometimes tasked with defending himself and Carver while the Carver player completes his occasional dementia sequences. The first two sequences simply involves Carver running up to the glowing Marker at the end of the map, fighting off waves of Enhanced Feeders in the process, while the third sequence requires him to actually shoot and destroy the Marker.

These sequences are usually triggered by a door malfunctioning when the player attempts to open it while the third happens when Carver steps up to the big Marker in the middle of the walkway.


  • Carver's second hallucination sequence does not play if the mission was completed at least once prior.
  • Most of the big yellow "Human Remains" boxes are replaced by toy army soldiers from Carver's point of view.
  • It is strange that the final EarthGov artifact is found here in a reclusive corner, as the place is almost devoided of any trace of human activity, let alone humans who have never set foot on the planet.
  • Only ONE big Alien Marker is found in this map, at the very end of the mission.

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