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Marjorie Graves
Dead Admiral
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Admiral Marjorie Graves was the commanding officer of the fleet sent by the Sovereign Colonies in 2311, to aid in the triangulation of the Marker signal. She was the admiral of the flagship CMS Roanoke.



Tau Volantis MissionEdit

The admiral was leading the mission to Tau Volantis, along with General Spencer Mahad and Dr. Earl Serrano, in hopes of following the signal the Markers were receiving. The purpose of this mission was to locate a source of energy that would be able to save the human race from extinction and win the war for the Sovereign Colonies.

During the expedition, Graves was exposed to artifacts brought up from the planet and stored on the ships. Gradually, her mind succumbed to the effects of the Markers; she was sequestered to her quarters under quarantine. In her state of mind, Graves developed an obsession with "turning off" the Marker signal perpetuated by the moon of Tau Volantis, presently within a state of hibernation. The cause of Graves' death is unknown, as she may have committed suicide, starved to death while she was quarantined, was killed during the "Scenario Five" operation ordered by General Mahad, or starved to death afterword.


Two hundred years after her death, Ellie Langford discovered a secret in the admiral's quarters. With the help of Isaac Clarke, they deciphered Graves' mural of Marker Symbols and Graffitti that provided information about a key. Isaac initially interprets her message about the "key" to mean that it could control the Markers[1].

Gallery Edit


  • Unlike most of the crew who had been transformed into Necromorphs, her body was left largely intact.
  • Her body can be dismembered even before you enter the room. However, shooting off her legs won't change the cutscene.


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