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"We are whole again, Isaac. We are whole."
—"Nicole Brennan"[1]

Make us Whole Again was a mantra written, spoken and whispered constantly throughout the Dead Space series.



Whenever a Marker was activated, it began to emit high frequency waves that affected the dead and living organisms within it's range. The Earth Government scientists speculated that the Marker's carrier wave had different effects on people depending on the intelligence of the person.[2]

Those purported to have a "higher intelligence" than the average person perceived the carrier wave for what it was, a series of codes or blueprints that showed the individual how to create or destroy more Markers. On the other hand, the Marker's carrier wave was thought of as "noise" to the some of the populace, noise that began to drive them insane after a period of time. There are a few individuals who are immune to the hallucinogenic effects of the Marker. The Marker's carrier wave was experienced as voices or hallucinations, repeatedly asking the individual to make it "whole". The signal eventually drove them to kill themselves or others around them.

During the Necromorph outbreak on the Ishimura, the first apparition of Nicole Brennan that appeared to Isaac Clarke insinuated that returning the Aegis VII Marker to it's pedestal would "Make them Whole". For the short time that it remained on the pedestal, the Red Marker pacified the Hive Mind and disabled the gravity tethers on the Ishimura, bringing the chunk of Aegis VII pulled from the planet, crashing down into the atmosphere.

Unitologists who may experience the dementia created by the Marker believed the phrase, "Make us Whole" to mean becoming a singular entity with one mind and body. That through the cycle of death and becoming a Necromorph, the individual became a part of the "whole" through a type of "rebirth". As such, they preserved the bodies of the deceased in their community for the coming Convergence. The church's practices of suicide by apparent suffocation[3] or dementia driven violence effectively carried out the Marker's supposed will.

The second apparition of Nicole created by the Site 12 Marker on Titan Station implied that the "absorption" of the Marker's creator (In this case, Isaac Clarke, the only survivor of Project Telomere) would make the Marker whole[4] and allow the Convergence Event to commence properly. The reality, however may lie with the seemingly shattered moon that hung above the planet of Tau Volantis.

After the alien lifeform, "Rosetta" was reassembled by Isaac Clarke, Ellie Langford and John Carver, Clarke activated the Codex and experienced the memories of Rosetta. The aliens worshiped the Markers on their planet. On the day of Convergence, the Marker was used to create the Moon using the bodies of the aliens. However, it's process was halted prematurely by the Machine that froze the planet and placed the Moon in a state of hibernation. Isaac realized that the signal did not come from the Markers, but the incomplete Moon that wished to become "whole" with the completion of the Convergence Event.


Marker 3A related:
  • "Make us Whole Again" was the Red Marker's way to get itself placed back on the pedestal to amplify it's "dead space" to put all of the Necromorphs back in a quiescent state. It used hallucinations of a loved one of those that it contacted so they are more likely to help and the hallucination congratulated them if they succeeded.
    • This was supported in Dead Space: Martyr when the hallucinations spoke to Altman who was trying to escape the military compound to make knowledge of the Black Marker public. However, Altman deduced that it was not the Marker that wished to stop the Necromorphs. but something else communicating through it and the Black Marker wanted humans to make copies of itself.[5]
    • The Marker may only put the Hive Mind to sleep, freeing the other Necromorphs from it's control.
    • It was unknown why the Marker wanted to contain the Hive Mind. Several possibilities are: It was programmed to or it was sentient and understood the danger or they are connected and separation caused them to go insane.
    • It was possible that the Markers are part of a larger system and the Black Marker was missing a crucial component which was hinted in a log found in Chapter 9 of Dead Space: Extraction.[citation needed]
Unitology related:
  • "Make us Whole Again" related to Unitology in that after dying and becoming a Necromorph, a person became part of a "whole" or single consciousness under the control of the Hive Mind and the Marker was in some way required.
Nicole related:
  • "Make us Whole Again" could be a phrase that Nicole used on her own and it was just a coincidence that Amelia Kyne used it too.
    • Nicole could want to become one with Isaac to be dead together.
Site 12 Marker related:
  • "Make us Whole Again" related to how the Site 12 Marker was not whole without Isaac and needed to consume him for it to be complete. This was evidenced by Nicole/Marker saying "The makers must be absorbed". It already absorbed Stross and presumably any others involved in it's creation as it was shown when she said "Yours was the last body that we need to be reborn". She also said that Tiedemann and EarthGov are afraid of "Me. Us. Working together", supporting the idea that the Markers need to kill their makers, whether through Necromorphs, their makers' own mind or someone influenced by the Markers.
Necromorphs related:
  • The whole "Make us Whole" mantra might just be Tau Volantis's Brethren Moon's cries for help so the Convergence could return and complete the Moon. It might have tried to complete it using the Black, Aegis VII and Site 12 Markers so if they would have completed the Convergence, another Brethren Moon might have spawned and came to help the incomplete Moon to make it whole. This was confirmed in Dead Space 3 in Dr. Serranno's research where he said that the words "Turn it off" and "Make us Whole" are it's cries for help to turn off the Alien Machine and resume Convergence in order to make the Moon whole.
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  • In the Spanish version, with its subtitles, "Make us Whole Again" is translated to "Devuélvenos a la vida", which translates to "Bring us back to life" or "Return us to life" or also "give us back to life"