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Magpie is the name of any and all illegal miners in the known galaxy. They are only mentioned and seen in DS: Salvage.

Known MagpiesEdit

  • Hunter's Moon crew
    • Captain Jessica Li, the de facto leader and "people person" who runs a tight crew. Li quit the Marines after an embezzlement scandal surfaced that was rumored to involve several million dollars.
    • Stefan Schneider, the second-in-command who can only be kept in line by Capt. Li. Schneider gained a deep mistrust of all authority after his legitimate mining business went under from CEC's meddling and EarthGov's capitulation.
    • Wenbo, an engineer
    • Thorssen, a pilot
  • Black Beak crew
    • Captain Benedykt Malyech, a former CEC supervisor and practicing Unitologist. Malyech was fired from CEC for breach of contract after disclosing corporate secrets to the media.
    • Julia Copland, the second-in-command and a lifelong criminal and scam artist. She turned to freelance mining as a way to hide out from the law, and found the culture suited her demeanor.
    • Venschiff, a pilot
    • Gottheddir, an engineer
  • Sunset crew
    • Captain Gatura Okeke, the resident gearhead and moderate Unitologist. As a commercial pilot, Okeke was fired for insubordination.
  • Liberté crew
    • Captain Bellevin, a lifelong magpie who knows the risk-reward ratio of freelance mining better than anyone.


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