Type: Text
Characters: Jacob Danik
Chapter: 17
Can be found: <insert location>

Like any good spiritual journey, this trip has constantly questioned my beliefs and tested my resolve. But by careful observation of the facts, I now believe I know what truly has transpired on this planet and why our race has failed to achieve Convergence.

The natives of Tau Volantis, like ourselves, tampered with the Markers and broke from Nature’s plan. Judging by the relative completeness of the moon in orbit, they were so close to achieving final, lasting glory.

Now we are faced with their test.

Will we too fall short of eternal glory because we stopped mere inches from the final stage? Will we also succumb to fear and fail to take the last step?

Faith takes courage, my friends. Today, let us be the ones to set aside fear and accept the future promised by the Markers.

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