Type: Text
Characters: Charles Lafayette
Chapter: 11
Can be found: <insert location>

Day 35

As I documented earlier in my Thought Diary, the events on New Horizons Lunar Colony left my faith shaken. Fortunately, Rick, my spiritual counsellor, had been monitoring my diary and pulled me aside for a pep talk.

He explained to me that what we're doing is a painful but necessary step towards saving the human race from the path of destruction. The deaths, he said, shouldn't bother me. If we do our job and bring about true Convergence, all those who have died will join us and we will transcend the pain and our baser human frailties to become something better, purer, whole.

As I sit here, freezing my butt off in a centuries-old bunker on an alien world, those words bring me comfort. Who knows? Maybe I'll be the one to kill Clarke. And if I do, will there be a special place for me when Convergence comes? Preferably a special place with a heater.

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