Type: Text
Characters: Jacob Danik
Chapter: 11
Can be found: <insert location>

Many of the faithful have come to me, their beliefs shaken by the horrors they've seen at the liberated Marker test sites. 'How can we continue to believe in the Markers when they bring so much pain and suffering', they ask.

And who is it that made these aberrations - these copies, I ask them.

It is man.

Markers are as much a part of nature as were trees and blue sky and pristine oceans, yet we destroyed those too.

But nature has a way of righting itself if we are respectful. It is only by undoing the work of man that the Marker's true plan can blossom.

And right now, only one man stands in our way of doing that: Isaac Clarke. If this place is indeed the birthplace of the Markers, it is vitally important that we stop him from ruining our very salvation.

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