Type: Audio
Characters: Tucker Edwards, Valery Dietz
Chapter: 6
Can be found:
CDR Valery Dietz: [sobbing] I'm... I'm sorry Tucker. But you heard Mahad's announcement. We're facing a Scenario Five situation.

LT Tucker Edwards: Scenario Five? What the hell does that even mean?

CDR Valery Dietz: It means you have to die. We all do. If we don't, he'll just send someone over to do it for us.

LT Tucker Edwards: Come on, Valery. Just put that down. They don't have to know...

CDR Valery Dietz: I'm sorry! I'm... so sorry... I... [Pistol report, and the sound of a body falling to the deck, probably cmdr. Dietz]

LT Tucker Edwards: Not as sorry as I am, Commander. And if one of them jacked up jarheads tries to come for me, they'll be sorry too.

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