Type: Text
Chapter: 3
Can be found: In the Concourse, to the left of Bold Stylings' entrance.
United Spacefaring Guild History series


PART 2 of 2

A large colony was established on Titan to study the moon's every seismic detail and prepare it for disassembly. As the operation got under way, the orbital platforms that assisted with the work became the prototypes for the planetcrackers that would soon follow.

Titan was successfully "cracked" and harvested, only slightly behind schedule. It was a major boost for the then-beleaguered population on Earth, who believed their extinction from lack of resources was imminent.

Titan's harvest was halted before the entire moon was dissembled, leaving the small shard where the original colony had started. From here, the station grew in leaps and bounds as the new era of planetcracking got underway, serving as both a critical research outpost, and with the advent of shockpoint drives, a way station for all planetcracking missions going forward.

It is now whimsically known as the Sprawl, for having done just that over the many years of its operation.

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