Type: Audio
Characters: Ellie Langford, Isaac Clarke
Chapter: 10
Can be found: Given on the tram ride after activating the centrifuge.

  • Ellie: Aw Isaac... dammit that hurts. The bastard bit me.
  • Isaac: What? Oh shit. Are you okay?
  • Ellie: Yeah I'm fine. But he's stopped talking, and won't look at me. How's it going on your end? And please tell me this plan is going to work!
  • Isaac: I'm almost there. I'm headed to the bridge now to activate the gravity tethers.
  • Ellie: Well good. They're swarming in through a hole in the Medical Deck. At least you won't have to go through there.
  • Computer: Unexpected obstruction ahead. Shutting down. Welcome to the Medical Deck.
  • Isaac: Crap.

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