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Type: Audio
Characters: Ellie Langford, Isaac Clarke, Nolan Stross
Chapter: 10
Can be found: Given on the way back to the tram after activating the centrifuge and leaving the decontamination room.

  • Ellie: Isaac, Stross is starting to worry me, listen...
  • Stross: ... I would never, I would never. But son,. Daddy's not a murderer! I would never hurt you and Mommy.
  • Isaac: Stross!
  • Ellie: He's not real!
  • Stross: Yes, he is! You can't see him because you haven't taken the steps! The needle will make you see! Step three! Step three!
  • Ellie: Stross, put down the screwdriver! Argh!
  • Isaac: Stross! Ellie? Shit!

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