Type: Audio
Characters: John Carver, Damara Carver
Chapter: 11
Can be found:
John: Damara - by the time you get this, I'll be... things will be better for you once I'm gone. I can't be the husband you need and we both know I couldn't have been a worse father for Dylan. I only hope that, with me out of the picture, the two of you can have the life you deserve. Love you Damara.

Damara: John? What's going on... Oh my god!

John: Shit, Damara! You - you were supposed to be out with Dylan today!

Damara: W-What are you doing?

John: Nothing. Just... thinking. That's all. Damara! It was... It was nothing! Alright? It was nothing, everything is fine. Everything is fine, okay? Hey. Shhh, come on. It's fine. I'm fine. Okay?

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