Type: Video
Characters: Ellie Langford, Isaac Clarke, Nolan Stross
Chapter: 7
Can be found: Given after aligning all of the Solar Array panels.

  • Ellie: Holy shit Isaac!
  • Isaac: Ellie?! Ellie, are you alright?!
  • Ellie: We just made it into this crossover tube when the beam hit! Isaac, those things are still heading for the Transport Hub. They're wrecking everything in their path!
  • Isaac: Oh shit, they'll cut us off! Get to the hub! - I'll meet you as soon as I can!
  • Stross: No, no... No... Ellie can help - but she doesn't see you. She doesn't believe in you - yet. One step at a time.[note 1]


  1. Stross can't be heard in the Vidlog. Even with subtitles turned on, it is difficult to read this part as it vanishes almost immediately. Only way to read this is by recording the game with subtitles on, then slow down the video at the near end of the log.

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