Type: Audio
Characters: Earl Serrano
Chapter: 18
Can be found:
Serrano: Argh! Well, I've gone and busted my knee open. I suppose the codex is in Mahad's hands by now, and this place is about to be buried, like everywhere else. (chuckles) I remember telling my college professor I wanted to study xenoarcheology. He laughed right in my face. "There's nothing to study," he said. "It's all dead space. No alien life exists out in the universe." In a way, I guess he was right. There is no life beyond our system, only a trail of extinction, wrought by the Moons. And now it's right on our doorstep. Well, above us lies the means of turning off the Machine, but also the means to complete it. Turning it off will finish our species, completing it will save us. I had hoped to be here to witness the saving part. It would have been spectacular to witness the Moon getting pulled into the planet and crushed to oblivion - a final act by the natives - a sacrifice to save us all. But now, I must rest. Perhaps Tim will be along soon with the Codex.

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