Type: Text
Characters: Sally Hennen, Marion Hennen
Chapter: 3
Can be found: Cassini Towers

From: Sally Hennen

To: Marion Hennen

Marion. I'm just going to leave this log here for you to find when you come get the rest of my stuff. I hope I don't forget anything, this is a really big deal! The 'rebirth' is going to happen very very soon, just like they said! This is a very special time, like, once in a lifetime. Actually once in a million lifetimes! They say we've been preparing for this since before we were human! Do you know how special that makes us? We're the ones who get to see it! I'm so excited my skin is tingling. I've got chills! Okay, I've got to go. The ceremonies begin in a half-hour, I don't want to be late. Bye sis, I love you so so much. Come join us! Haha, k, bye.

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