Type: Text
Characters: Laura Engstorm
Chapter: 4
Can be found:
PERSONAL LOG: Laura Engstorm

When the Sovereign Colonies signed me on to this project, I was lead to believe we would be given free reign of site access and resources. It's anything but. Mahad's men are thick as molasses, stationed at practically every airlock, asking for badges and ID's and research tickets every step of the way. I can't tell if they're obstructionist on purpose or by accident, but either way, I'll have a word with Mahad. Or several.

Despite all this, we haven't been rendered entirely useless. Today we got a look at one of the specimens brought up from the planet. We've confirmed it is indeed organic life trapped in the ice. Early tests suggest is had been there for possibly millions of years.

Tomorrow we will dissect the specimen. And I understand there are many, many more where that came from!

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