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Type: Text
Characters: 2nd Engineer J.F.Wright
Chapter: 1
Can be found: <insert location>
USG Ishimura Aerospace Engineering Dept.
Shuttle Repairs Invoice
Mission Day Two:
Faulty fore gyro, vessel USG-ISH-503. Replaced, now functional.
Mission Day Three:
Faulty 40 scope, vessel USG-ISH-501. Still in repair.
Mission Day Four:
Damaged landing repulsors, vessel USG-ISH-505. Complete replacement, now functional.
Damaged fore and left-fore viewports, vessel USG-ISH-504. Replaced, now functional.
Mission Day Five:
Damaged booster collar, vessel USG-ISH-505. Repaired, now functional.
Engineer's Note: Wright J.F. [2nd Engineer, Maintenance Bay).


From this, it can be assumed that there are at least 5 shuttles serving the USG Ishimura and even over the space of 4 days, the engineering department was kept busy trying to repair them.

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