Type: Text
Characters: Perry Gibeaux
Chapter: 3
Can be found: Found on a desk in the entrance of the Unitology recruitment center.
Titan Station Church of Unitology

Recruiting Report: Perry Gibeaux

Vested Member

Tithe status: Fully paid

Recruiting has slowed down markedly in the last few weeks. This is surely due to EarthGov's recent slander campaign, painting us as carpetbaggers and insurrectionists in the press. Regents from the Churches at Venus Waypoint and the Heliopause Observer are shocking in later this week to strategize a response. Expect additional budget to be allocated to Public Relations and Media to combat this trend. Also, the CEC layoffs continue to negatively affect recruiting targets, we're down almost 30% year-on-year.

Gibeaux out.

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