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Log:Personal Log: Howard Phillips (466)

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Type: Text
Characters: Howard Phillips
Chapter: 7
Can be found: Solar Array Sigma Zero Five
Personal Log: Howard Phillips
Record number: 466

I've been trying to stay out of range of ANTI's interfaces as much as I can. I don't want to hear her excuses anymore about my transfer requests. Every time I ask. I just get computerized bullshit.

Twenty-three request! I've put in twenty-three requests, and not one response. I know she's lying. I know she never sent them.

I showed ANTI, thought. I let all my birds out of their cages at lunch! It was beautiful, they were all flying around, free and happy. I wish I could be them. ANTI was spouting regulations and talking about "abnormal profiles." I don't care. I danced with the birds all day. I love my birds. I want to go home.

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