Dead Space

Log:Not Many Runs

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Type: Audio
Characters: Sam Kettle, Valery Dietz
Chapter: 5
Can be found:
Sam: Hey Commander, you there?

Valery: If you're gonna ask about the cryo boxes, forget it.

Sam: Cryo boxes? These are coffins, Dietz! They're freezing soldiers on the planet and stowing them in our cargo hold! What's the story?

Valery: You know I can't talk about it.

Sam: Valery, come on! You owe me, remember?

Valery: Look, I don't know much more than you do. It's the deep dig teams. They send them into that godforsaken hole and... well, when they come back there's... there's something wrong. Look, just get them stowed. I've got Mahad breathing down my neck.

Sam: Fine. But this isn't going to end well. Mark my words.

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