Type: Audio
Characters: Challus Mercer, Terrence Kyne
Chapter: 2
Can be found: Medical office locker shortly after an elevator ride. (you need to use a power node to enter).
Mercer: You found something down there, didn't you?
Kyne: Yes... we found something.
Mercer: So, the texts were right all this time.
Kyne: I wouldn't be certain about that. There was nothing divine in what I saw.
Mercer: We must embrace this. We are the first witnesses!
Kyne: Mathius isn't letting anyone down on the colony. It's under quarantine until we learn more.
Mercer: To hell with Mathius! He of all people should know that this is greater than him, or the operation, or even the company. This is our deliverance!
Kyne: Keep your damn voice down. People are dying down there.
Mercer: Only the worthless and the unbelievers. But I believe. Do you believe. Terrance? Do you?